If they decided to have a night out at the new Brisbane bar named in their honour, grumpy geezers Statler and Waldorf would face a dilemma. The two old Muppets, who love nothing more than to complain about everything, would find it hard to fault this Caxton Street haunt, which manages to prove that keeping things simple happens to work very well.   Bucking the trend to build every new bar or club around a concept (‘It’s 1930s Shanghai meets the Cantina bar from Star Wars!’), Statler and Waldorf is strikingly unpretentious.   The men behind the latest addition to the maturing Petrie Terrace scene, Jay Lambert and Steve McDermott, have learnt from their years in the industry that the best way to keep the punters happy is to provide a limited amount of quality products; fresh food, craft beers, and choice wines and spirits, without trying to reinvent the wheel.