The Jimmy Rod’s Barbershops aren’t just places to get a cut and shave, they are a modern-day oasis of authentic masculinity, camaraderie and style. Back in 1998, Jimmy Rod started the first shop in his chain of barbershops where men could come in to get a slick haircut and sharp sides. But he also wanted to create a place where men could relax, socialise, exchange jokes and chill out. Bringing expert skills and traditional barbershop values back to the forefront, Jimmy Rod has provided a service that men didn’t even realise they had been missing.

Located in one of the fastest-growing entertainment areas in Brisbane, The Barracks shop has expanded and grown in size. Catering to an overwhelming local demand, the shop is one of Jimmy’s busiest and once you’ve wandered into our store, you’ll understand why.  A fast and skilled bunch of barbers manage the floor and while you wait, you can lounge on the leather couches with the new friends you’ve just made.