ImproMafia Presents: And Then There Was Agatha Holmes

The greatest and maddest detective the British Empire has ever known returns for his four night swan song- but he’ll have to down all of this “thinking juice” to solve these murder mysteries. An unknown blackmailer has drawn Blighty’s most notorious killers to a stormy English isle. There, their tormentor intends to see them offed one by one… but can Agatha Holmes prevent the deaths before they happen? In the tradition of Christie and Conan Doyle, ImproMafia’s final hilarious Agatha Holmes season challenges you to work out whodunnit. Each show, you nominate the murder weapon, the clue, the killer and – for the first time – the victim. The rest is improvised! All that is certain is that at first there were 10… and then there was Agatha Holmes.


Where: Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace

When: 25 September – 28 September, 8pm

Price: $15 for one show, $45 for a four show season pass